Climate change solutions – Setting animals free might save us all

Climate change solutions – Setting animals free might save us all

Stopping the use of fossil fuel in general and especially in cars, will always be the number one way to reduce climate change and give humanity a few extra years on earth, we must of course think of many ways to better our way of life. In this blog we are going to discuss one of the biggest ideas next to fossil fuel elimination that will have a similar huge impact as eliminating fossil fuels use.

A study done by Allan Savory basically tells us that if we put animals in a place with little to no vegetation, a desert place. Let them roam to stimulate nature (the way he puts it) and then we get a greener rich environment. That he states ‘’to stimulate nature’’ concerns me though, why do we have to stimulate nature. If we just let animals roam around and don’t kill them, mainly let only plant eaters /insect eaters roam around together of course that is real nature. Hunting animals can maybe be thought to be vegetarian just the same as humans can be taught to eat vegetables instead of meat.

So, Allan Savory begins to demonstrate how the world show signs of desertification with a similar picture of the globe you see here below. As you can see you mostly see brown or ice, not a lot of green, TWO THIRDS (that is 2/3) of the world is not covered in green, so you could imagine how much oxygen we’re missing there and how that can have effect on nature, our longs and of course the temperature, if there are less threes to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen the temperature rises.

Mr. Avory and his team has plan to do planned and managed grazing so that the land regains healthy green landscape and explains further how that works, but you can see his explanation in the video that will be showing below. With his plan he claims we can get to pre-industrial times level of clean air. We think his plan is amazing and it is great what he has accomplish and all, however when watching this video, we couldn’t help to think WHAT THE …. Why does scientist realize this now, and why do we have to manage a herd around a landscape? Earth has managed fine by its own without our interference, I think earth is in better hands if we stop trying so hard to solve problems for it and let the animals roam free as nature intended it and of course adjust our lifestyles and help the earth in other aspects that nature can’t have control over it, like technology, products and farming. The biggest and greatest thing we’re doing now is eliminating fossil fuel use in cars and being more conscious about the trash we consume, the next step would be to let the animals roam free in desert places, provide some water and food so that they stay there and see it become greener as Mr. Avory explains. Great plan but we feel the animals should have more freedom, because you can’t ”stimulate” nature better than letting nature free.

So basically, Allan Avory’s vison is to transform two thirds of the worlds landscape to mostly green so that the air becomes cleaner as though there were no fossil fuel cars existed on earth, factories and spit bad air and other man-made harmful pollutants.


The first picture can transform into the second picture with this practice application.


We do not at all claim ownership to this Ted video presented by Allan Savory, all credits to his theory goes to him and his team and all credit to the video creation go to Ted and their team. We simply want to share their idea, reflect on it and give some pointers.

We hope you’ve liked this blog, if you agree or disagree with this blog please leave your thoughts behind, we have juicy new blog for you coming up in the clean idea category, it’s about money and will solve a few problems you have guaranteed.

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