How to buy a sexy NIO car in 2020

How to buy a sexy NIO car in 2020

Because NIO is a China-based company that is looking to expand in Europe and the United States, everyone is interested in learning more. The impatient want to know how to buy an NIO car or may want to know how the Chinese are buying their NIO cars. We hope this blog helps explain everything in a simple manner. If you like this blog please feel free to read one of our other popular NIO blogs.

Benefits of buying an NIO car

  • Lifetime free roadside assistance
  • Lifetime free car connectivity services (8GB mobile internet per month)
  • Regular maintenance
  • Manage everything from an app
  • Battery swap stations (Full battery ”charge” within 3 minutes)
  • 24/7 worry-free services
  • 100km of range in 10 minutes with mobile charging
  • Lifetime free nationwide charging services within 200km of your home city
  • Free power of up to 1000kWh/ month
  • The car has an advanced AI called NOMI
  • NIO has a great lifestyle/community eco-system
  • NIO House in Beijing, Oriental Plaza
  • NIO house in Shanghai,Taikoo Hui
Nio battery replacement chamber

Drawbacks of buying an NIO car

Even though NIO has some drawbacks, all of these are easily fixed. They also have the advantage of having Tesla as an example. They can learn from Tesla’s mistakes and Tesla’s successes.

  • They currently only sell in China as of 28/june/2020
  • You can only buy an NIO online if you have an Apple product
  • You can only buy an NIO online with an app
  • Only two physical locations to buy the car were found with our research. Nio claimed on their Facebook page that they have 12. We are waiting for their response so we can list all twelve locations with specific addresses
  • This relates to our point above. Maybe it’s because we don’t live in China, but finding the NIO Houses/stores is difficult
  • Unable to buy their cars directly on their website
  • They only have two cars in their 
  • Their AI NOMI is as of 28/june/2020 only in Chinese
  • Their app is only in Chinese as of 28/june/2020
  • Not really a drawback, however, they do currently only have two battery swap routes (look at the picture below). However do keep in mind, Just like Tesla, they keep adding more.
NIO Battery swap routes

Nio cars you can buy now

The cars we are showing here are the cars that consumers are able to buy right now. However, keep in mind that NIO also has a supercar called the NIO EP9 with replaceable batteries on the side. This car costs 1.2 million and is not easily obtainable by the average person.



Starting at 67,260.13 US Dollars/ 59,773.91 Euros

NIO es6 exterior


Starting at 50,585.69 US Dollars/ 42,663,97 Euros

EC6 exterior


Starting at 52,441 US Dollars/ 44228,74 Euros

Purchase methods

How to buy a NIO car; qr-code-lg NIO app

You can only purchase an NIO car online with this free Apple store App.

NIO House Hefei, Anhui, China

You can currently only physically directly buy a NIO at NIO Houses/stores (We will be updating this blog with a list of the specific addresses.

Purchase locations

This section will be updated. Please enjoy the rest of our blog in the meantime. Follow us on social media to get notified when the list has been updated.

How to ship a car from China to Europe

People in the US and Europe cannot wait to get their hands on the NIO car. The people that cannot wait to get their hands on the NIO car in their own country can make the choice to let someone buy an NIO car for them in China and ship it to the US or Europe. Arranging the shipping your self or hiring a shipping company that does that, there are a lot of them. This one is an example.

NIO app purchase experience

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